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Winner of the Toronto Design Offsite festival "People's choice for Favourite Exhibition" this series of works explores mirror's and their surface.
If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

A mirror’s entire surface is continually changing, and what it looks like is solely dependent on what it’s reflecting.
One cannot describe a mirror’s surface without describing the properties of the objects we see in it. That surface looks unique in each viewer’s eyes, even when two people look at the same mirror, what they will see on it is different.

What is happening is that the light from the surrounding objects bounces off the mirror in to the viewer’s eyes, and that is what gives the surface its appearance.

If the surface of a mirror has no appearance without a viewer, then what does it look like when nobody is gazing at it? And how can we see it, without looking at it?
By manipulating the surface of the mirror, Alisa Maria creates reflections that exist even when the mirror is not being viewed, blurring the line between perceived appearance and actual appearance.

Photography by: Erich DeLeeuw + Alisa Maria Wronski